Drive pins

Drive pins

drive pin flute

Origin: China
Material: carbon steel, stainless steel, copper, aluminium
Head: flat head, round head, umbrella head, brad head
Shank: ring shank, smooth, screw
Point: diamond point
Finish:  bright, electro-galvanized, hot dip galvanized

When refer to drive pins, it also drive pin flutereferred as shooting nails or drive pin flute. If you are building any kind of structure or you simply need to make certain quick fixes or even attach a painting on the wall of your home, then you should use high-quality drive pins to ensure that the work is done safely, without causing any damage. A great number of people focus on acquiring decent quality materials and high-grade tools but sometimes they ignore the perks of using top of the line consumables. This is where we come in, offering you high-quality shooting nails of all types and sizes, which are fabricated to ensure toughness, durability, and the capability of penetrating the toughest constructions materials.

shooting nailsWe are to offer you the best steel drive pin flute on the market while also maintaining a very affordable price. They’re made from high-grade steel, and we offer you a wide variety of nails to fit all the needs of a constructor or a homeowner. Proper nails need to be able to perforate quality concrete walls, wood, and even steel, and our products fit the profile. These drive pins are meant to be used efficiently with any kind of nail gun, ensuring optimal penetration in any standard construction material. Our company is a worldwide exporter, proud in supplying you with top of the steel line nails at low costs.

drive pinsHammering nails is extremely slow and inefficient especially nowadays when time translates to money. Doing that manually will cost more hours of labor, potential waste of resources and damage can be caused, especially when dealing with concrete. Using our drive pins flute will increase the speed of your project at a lower risk of causing any side damage. For instance, you can’t efficiently and quickly attach a wooden board or platform to concrete without risk. Using our high-grade steel nails will ensure the proper penetration of the wood as well as the concrete without causing any cracks in the material. This way, work can be done fast, with low costs and without causing structural damage.

Our company will offer your business the ability to work faster and more efficient, delivering your clients a high-quality service. If your business relies on the distribution of steel drive pins and other such materials and consumables, then ordering in bulk from us will surely improve your profits. Our shooting nails are manufactured in China at very low costs while maintaining a strict quality control, thus delivering you a reliant product for a low price.

If you are an importer, a distributor or even a construction company looking to purchase right at the source to avoid extra costs, then we are the right company for your steel drive pins nails requirements. Our products are manufactured at the highest quality possible while ensuring low prices.

shooting nails


Model No.Length (L)(±0.8)Shank dia.(D)(±0.02)Cap dia(±0.25)Cap thickness(±0.2)Ring width
Size customization available

3.45 x 65mm drive pin size check

shooting nails dimension check

Packing details:

20-25k per carton or wooden box in bulk .
75 or 100 pieces/box then cartons.
400 gram/box, 50boxes/paper carton.
500gram/box 40boxes/paper carton.

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 Aluminium Carbon steel Copper Stainless steel

Head type
 Flat head Round head Headless Other

 Smooth Ring Grooved Twilled Other

 Diamond Blunt Other

Surface treatment
 HDG Electro-galvanized Polish Black Other


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