Common nails

Common nails

common nails
  • Origin: China
  • Material: carbon steel, stainless steel, copper, aluminium
  • Head: flat head, round head, umbrella head, brad head
  • Shank: ring shank, smooth, screw
  • Point: diamond point
  • Finish:  bright, electro-galvanized, hot dip galvanized

galvanized common nailsCommon nails are generally the most frequently used nails in construction. They are typically made from iron wire and they have a sharp point on one end. Finding a good common nails supplier can be difficult, but it doesn’t have to be. These nails are used so often on construction sites that you really need a lot of them. Galvanized wire common nails suppliers from China are often a good choice because they ship on bulk quantity not wholesale. This should appeal to importers, distributors, and dealers alike. Because these nails common are a necessity for any building project, the supplier should be just as dependable as the nails themselves.

wire common nailsMost of the uses of the common wire nails comes during the framing portion of building. When it comes to heavy construction, these are key because they have the strength to be able to be driven through tough materials. Sometimes they come in different sizes for different types of jobs, but all of them are equally useful. Wire common nails allow you the freedom to conduct large construction projects and make sure that you have the tools and the products to get it done on time. Efficiency is key when it comes to building and these nails common will really help to make that job easier. Having all of the supplies that you need to complete a project will always make it go by faster. Being able to buy your common nails from a supplier in China is perfect because it ensures quality and quantity every time.

Necessity on common nails

Before even considering starting a construction project, think about the little things first. Take into account all of the tools that you will need and all of the money it will take to get them. Common nails are arguably the most important part of the project and being able to buy them in bulk is not only convenient, but also cost effective. You will need a lot of nails for any project, so buying them right from the supplier is a great way to stay on top of the project. Being informed about the best suppliers to buy from can also be a huge advantage, and the secret is to buy them from common nails suppliers. This is one of the only ways to help make sure that you are getting top quality products, in the amounts you need for a price that feels right.

steel nails drawing


Model No.Length(L)Shank dia.(D)Cap diaCap thick
Size customization available

3.4 x 50mm common nails size check

concrete nails size check

Packing details:

  1. 20-25k per carton or wooden box in bulk .
  2. 75 or 100 pieces/box then cartons.
  3. 400 gram/box, 50boxes/paper carton.
  4. 500gram/box 40boxes/paper carton.
  5. 1kg/box,25box/carton.
steel nails packaging workshop

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 Aluminium Carbon steel Copper Stainless steel

Head type
 Flat head Round head Headless Other

 Smooth Ring Grooved Twilled Other

 Diamond Blunt Other

Surface treatment
 HDG Electro-galvanized Polish Black Other


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